We chanced upon Japan Road Trips while surfing the web planning for our itinerary to Japan. We decided to go with the idea of a road trip as we were bringing our elderly mother and figured it would be more comfortable for her. That turned out to be a great decision.

We communicated to Sean what we wanted to see in Japan during our trip and he suggested that we change our trip dates. His team then planned the itinerary according to our dates to ensure that we got to see what we were there to see. Minor customisations to the itinerary were made after some discussions.

The entire trip was extremely enjoyable. We got to visit many non-touristy spots as well, which we would never have had it not been on a road trip. Throughout the trip, Sean was more like a companion and new-found friend rather than a tour conductor. He was also very attentive to our needs especially with an elderly person in tow. On days where we ended early, Sean made it a point to add in new spots without additional costs. He seemed to focus on us enjoying our trip rather than counting dollars and cents. From the bottom of our hearts, many thanks to Sean for making our trip an enjoyable and memorable one. This will definitely not be our last trip with Japan Road Trips.

Aloysius Lee


Thanks a million once again, David. My family is sincere in extending our thanks to you and for a leisurely holiday that has been one of our best-to-date. This couldn't have been possible without your kind services, jokes and sharing of nuggets of facts on Hokkaido with us. You are a joy to be around!

Irene Liu


Uncle Sean didn't just treat us like his clients. He treated us like his friends. He's very friendly, witty and knowledgeable. But of course, there's more to him than just that. He'd always brighten up our long car rides with interesting stories about Japan's vibrant history. Along the way, he'd also treat us to small snacks at convenience stores out of his own kindness. He has a lot of passion for what he does and it shows.

There were specific accommodation my mum wanted to stay at and most of them were difficult to book. Nevertheless, Uncle Sean and his teamworked very hard and managed to book them for us. On one of the days during our trip, there was a sudden change of plans so Uncle Sean suggested that we go to a zoo to do something that a child might like for once. He even paid for our tickets. His patience was also very admirable in helping me during my first ever ski session.

In conclusion, Uncle Sean did so much for us but we didn't really have any chance to repay his kindness. We did try to tip him but he said that it's his company policy not to accept tips. He said that he would appreciate a letter from us. So we thought that it would be great if I represent my family and friends to write a letter of gratitude, so here it is.

Cordelia Ong


We are delighted to have experienced true Japanese hospitality with Hotaru and her team. From the start, communication with JRT was a breeze. Hotaru effortlessly gave advice to help shape our Japan tour itinerary. The feeling of getting true expert advice promptly was world's apart from the superficial and generic "guidance" that we received from the counter staff at E* Holidays.

While the planning stage was outstanding, the execution stage was exemplary. Our tour was conducted with professionalism, sincerity, passion and fun. The whole experience was in many ways an eye-opener to how a tour can and should be conducted. For the first time ever on a hosted tour, my family and I felt that we were offered genuine, lasting friendship. Thank you Hotaru, we certainly hope that you can expand your operations to include other countries while upholding the spirit of Japan Road Trips.



In short, it was extraordinary. If you are going to spend some time immersing yourself in Japan while at the same time spending some quality time with the family of 6, you need to do your family a favor and drop Japan Road Trips an email. Our 10 day road trip from Tokyo to Osaka was filled with beauty, new experiences and most importantly family time. This was exactly what I wanted and let Sean know from the first email.

It is important to let Sean know what you want and expect. There are so many bespoke experiences in Japan so picking something you want is vital. We started with getting the Onsen “experience” at 4 ryokans but ended up being Onsen addicts and going to 9. Having Sean around really helped to change the itinerary on the fly. There were literally 20 itinerary tweaks during our road trip that were handled effortlessly. His local knowledge and willingness to share helped us appreciate the country we were in. It would have been a completely different experience if it were not for his guidance.

We have taken several road trips ourselves and countless free and easy journeys (4 to Japan previously), and we wouldn’t think twice about having Sean as a traveling companion again. It says a lot when my well-travelled mother says this is the best trip she ever had and one of our kids draws/writes a thank you note on her own accord.

Thanks again for the unforgettable experience.

Angeline and George


With my 84 year old mother, brother and sister, we just had the most awesome road trip with JapanRoadTrips. Sean took good care of us, planning the trip from Sendai to Aomori. He shared with us all the off-the-beaten-track stops for kokeshi doll craft shops in Naruko, traditional onsen and skunk cabbage fields.

It was a dream to be in a hot bath while enjoying the outdoors, at the Aspite Line for the snow corridors, trekking Bandai Lakes, and catching the cherry blossoms as spring broke from the winter frost. Trip of a lifetime. Well done and we will be back with you on many more road trips in Japan.

Rosalind, Richard and Christine Lim


​​We are a group of tourists from Singapore who joined a Japan Road Trip from Osaka in April 2018. Before deciding whether to join Chan Brothers or do a free and easy road trip, we had much discussion and finally chose the latter. We searched the internet and I was attracted by this logo which showed a man walking freely. We emailed them and received the response almost immediately. So through the internet, we did the booking, adjustment of itinerary and tour payment. We were skeptical at first but took a leap of faith and wired a fairly large amount to someone whom we did not know.

It was only at Kansai Airport that we first met Sean, a polite and well-mannered young man from Singapore who was our tour host. We are very happy with his service. The places he brought us to, the food he ordered or recommended, and the hotels/home-stays he booked were very good. He is also patient and accommodating. He never hurried us and allowed us to change the itinerary adhoc, like the trip to a strawberry farm. We thoroughly enjoyed the road trip.

Thank you Sean for making this trip a wonderful one. His effort is greatly appreciated and we would strongly recommend JapanRoadTrips to our friends.

Samantha Tan


​​It's not always the easiest thing to travel in a group comprising elderly, adults and young kids, all of whom have very different interests, needs and stamina. However, Sean's professionalism and good planning skills really facilitated our travel and everyone in the group, from the oldest to the youngest, brought home good memories from the holiday.

Throughout the trip, Sean was very thoughtful and caring. He was also responsive to our needs and requests for sudden changes in the itinerary. In particular, I was touched when he went the extra mile to specially take photos / videos in order to instruct us how to navigate around the complex Tokyo train network and how to purchase Disney tickets from a Japanese machine in the convenience store. He could have just given us verbal instructions.

He also shared lots of information on Japanese culture, stuff that we wouldn't have known if we had gone on a DIY trip.

Travelling with him makes you feel as if you are travelling with an old familiar friend, rather than a tour guide. He got along really well with both old and young and our kids really took to him. I'm really appreciative that he took the effort to try and interact with each of the group members.

Excellent service! Thanks for taking good care of us, Sean!

Ilona Cheng


Sean was our valued companion and guide during our 12-day road trip in Japan. He gave us unique insights into Japan that married local knowledge with a Singaporean perspective.

Sean was communicative and extremely helpful in planning our itinerary not just before the trip, but in suggesting thoughtful side-trips along the way. He truly went the extra mile in accommodating both of our (sometimes differing) interests during the trip, and planned an extensive and diverse itinerary that catered to and accommodated both. Our travels were well-planned and well-paced, and went off with nary a hiccup – we never felt rushed or exhausted even after a long day out.

His encyclopaedic yet intimate knowledge of Japan and its culture made our trip a truly novel and enjoyable experience that we could never have gotten anywhere else. His insights on the history, significance and little tidbits of trivia about each destination made every stop (even for food) an educational experience.

While our itinerary covered many of the more well-known (and touristy) sites in Japan, Sean also showed us the truly local flavours of the various region. Our ventures off the beaten track allowed us to discover a wide variety of authentic experiences and to sample some of the best Japanese cuisine that the region has to offer – places which would otherwise have been difficult to access or enjoy without the guidance of a Japanese-speaking local.

Sean is a master of truly exceptional service – he was always attentive and sensitive to our needs, going the extra mile to help us feel more at home wherever we were. He helped us to settle our souvenir shopping list, so that we could enjoy our last few days in Japan without worry. He also took lovely photos of us that made for very special mementos of our trip.

Sean’s sincerity and passion made our trip to Japan a truly spectacular experience, and we would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a unique, bespoke experience in Japan. We’re already looking forward to our next trip to Japan with Sean!

Jin & Jess Wong
Aug 2017


Sean is the nicest tour conductor you can find - always calm, accommodating, thoughtful and patient. That was probably why my 3 year-old boy took such a liking to him and insisted on being "attended to" by him. It was like having a brother / family away from home to take us on a stress-free tour around Hokkaido. Sean even ensured that golden oldies and the latest mandopop songs accompanied us on the long drives! We all felt sad when having to say goodbye at the airport.

We had a personalised and customised itinerary which did not have the commercialised elements of a group tour, all at a reasonable price. We really enjoyed having Sean as our tour guide, and would highly recommend Japan Road Trips to anyone going on trip to Japan.

Wei Lung, Wing Ki & Jayden
July 2017


The private tour with Japan Road Trips was an absolutely delightful experience. Sean arranged an itinerary that was flexible and well-paced, such that we had enough rest to enjoy the planned activities. He brought us to many rare gems which we would not have enjoyed in a tour group, such as a mountainside hot foot bath, a fabulous Japanese BBQ, a rustic Japanese curry house, and a nice lamp-lit restaurant in which we had our breakfast.

Sean is very knowledgeable about Japanese culture and history, sharing with us many details about the destinations that we visited and some general trivia about Japan, which made the time spent in the car much less monotonous. Sean is also very helpful and attentive. He was always quick to offer help whenever we needed it.

We really enjoyed having Sean as our tour guide to Japan, and would highly recommend him to others.

Yee Liong Chong
June 2017


I really enjoyed this trip with my family. Japan has always been a place that I dreamt of going to for a number of reasons, like the beautiful scenery in the different seasons, the delicious food, the manga and anime merchandise shops... It was a nice break away from the busy city life and relaxing in the mountainous areas. Sean-san is super knowledgeable about Japan and every day was filled with fun. I hope to visit Japan again soon and explore more of the forests and mountains in different prefectures. ~Hannah

I loved my first trip to Japan, especially since there was absolutely amazing food and interesting sites that Sean-san brought my family to. Through this experience, I got to learn about Japanese culture that I never knew. Sean is always happy to help us with a sense of humor and vast knowledge in the land of vending machines and fresh weather (PS next time tell us about surprises:). Thanks for the experience of a different environment and I look forward to the next trip! ~Max

Hannah and Max Hui
June 2017


Thank you for the great experience in Hokkaido. The trip was well-planned and an exciting one as well. I am most grateful for the last minute mountain expedition on day 6, where we managed to catch some snow in the mountain. The view was exhilarating and our family's first ever. We will look forward to another Japan trip in time with you. Thank you so much again and my kids really enjoyed your companionship too.

Charles Ong
May 2017


Our private trip to Japan was expertly planned and executed by Japan Road Trips. The tour conductor was very knowledgeable in the various regions, language and culture. His service and driving skills were excellent, and he was very patient in taking care of the senior folks in the group.

The places we went and stayed were mostly unique stops, like the House of Light and Gokayama Farmhouse Stay. We visited several sakura spots, ryokan and onsen, which were heavenly and beautiful. We were brought to eating places that the locals had their meals. Everyone felt refreshed and delighted at the end of the tour and I certainly look forward to visiting Japan again.

Definitely would recommend contacting Japan Road Trips for a unique holiday in Japan.

Edwin Tan
April 2017


We had a customised tour to Japan planned out for us at short notice. It was our first trip to Japan and we enjoyed it so much. Sean was very helpful and accommodating in catering to our needs and requests. Highly recommended.

Rully and Alfita
Feb 2017


We had such a pleasant time and very much appreciate your patience and flexibility in our trip.

Your easygoing and fun loving attitude made my girls still remember you. Charlotte was just asking me where is Sean last week. Your knowledge of Tokyo is sufficient to fill us up and we are happy with the recommended food..

Your extra mile in helping us take photos is very thoughtful and they are really very beautifully taken. Me being away from Singapore, makes those photos with my mum more precious so really thank you. Your camera captures some precious moments.

If we were to go to Japan again, I am sure to seek your help.

Thank you and glad to know you. Happy new year too!!

Jasmine Lim
Jan 2017


Dear Sean, thank you so much for all your planning and allowing us to have a wonderful vacation. Thanks for the pretty pictures too. We enjoyed the trip a lot, and appreciated your guidance to Shirakawago, Nabana no sato, Ise Grand Shrines and the amusement park which Alisha enjoyed very much. The shabu shabu that you recommended was excellent. Most importantly you made us stress-free on the trip.

Thio Sui Tin
Jan 2017

We recently engaged Japan Road Trips for an 8 day trip and were very happy with the customer experience. We were pleased with the patience and thoughtful planning prior to the trip that was tailored to our requests, and the flexibility to make refinements during our discussion.

During our holiday, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Japan as the drive and stops between destinations were nicely paced, our guide/driver Rainer was knowledgeable of the history and culture of the places that we travelled to, and she was throughout the trip patient, adaptable to changes in plans (due to weather and allowing us the time to explore at our pace) and was able to provide great suggestions on local places to eat and produce to try. It was a very pleasant experience.

The total experience prior and during the trip made this a great holiday. I would recommend all my friends to use Japan Road Trips for their future trips as well.

Michelle Hoh
Dec 2016


We would like to show our appreciation towards Sean for making our trip to Japan an eye opener. He showed his experience and insights, and led us to many places that we enjoyed. We thought it was a tough journey to conduct but he gave us a peace of mind and completed the trip with success. With a capable tour conductor we were able to have lots of fun both in snow and on the streets.

It was a wonderful trip and we are thankful to Sean for his patience towards our parents and four-year-old. It was also very thoughtful of him to bring us chocolates and grape juice on our arrival day; they were really yummy. Thank you once again and we hope to travel with you again.

Wong Shi Hui & Shi Yin
Dec 2016


Sean was very accommodating. We gave him a budget and he planned for us the activities that we could do during the time period. We were choosing between a tour agency and a private tour; no regrets getting Japan Road Trips!

We did some last minute changes to the itinerary and Sean arranged everything nicely for us! The icing on top was that he took professional photos and videos for us! Really glad he introduced us to feeding seagulls too. My family's first trip to Japan was really memorable because of Sean! Thank you!

Tay Wanlin
Dec 2016


We booked a trip to Kyoto and the surrounding areas with Japanroadtrips for November 2016. From the start, Sean was excellent at communicating the details of the trip with us and was very patient despite all the questions we had.

The trip itself was very good; Sean was very flexible and his knowledge about Japan is not only wide but also deep. Sean's suggestions for the places to visit were also spot-on. I think the onsen was truly the highlight for my family, and we enjoyed Yoshimine Temple a lot too. Plus, I must commend Sean's photo taking skills. :D

All in all, if you're looking for a custom trip to Japan, do give Japanroadtrips a try.

Sandara Tang and David Teo Yijie
Nov 2016


Many thanks indeed for hosting us for the 8 days road trip to the northern part of Kyushu Island.

You have been a great and patient host and your creative itinerary had enabled my wife and I to sample a wide range of Japanese culture, historical sites, culinary interests, exceptional sceneries, lifestyles and even the daily struggles of local Japanese. We are not new to Japan. Our interests are not in the normal city or shopping tours but rather a deeper appreciation of ‘off the beaten tracks localities.’

Both of us had found this road tour with you most interesting and captivating. Your insights and sharing of Japanese culture and history added a lot of ‘colour’ to our trip. You have been very caring, attentive and innovative in planning the itinerary to suit our liking and wishes and for that, we are truly appreciative. We enjoyed this holiday in Kyushu immensely. We certainly look forward to have another trip with you sometime in the future.

Captain Lee Fook Choon
Sep 2016


Everything, from planning and communication, to the execution of the itinerary was top draw. Personable, flexible and hassle-free service. Okinawa with Japanroadtrips' private tour was one of the best summer vacations ever. Highly recommended.

Jayden Lainer
Aug 2016

To go with Japan Road Trips is a great way to explore Japan outside Tokyo City! The service was professional and personalised. Watching sunset from the train as Sean had planned was a truly memorable experience. Simply mesmerising! Thank you Sean!

Wong Yin Mei
Jun 2016

I have visited Japan a few times. Sean has shown a very different Japan from the one I had known. He is very passionate about Japanese culture and is more than happy to share his knowledge. Our discussion time was one of the highlights of this tour.

He is very patient and flexible with our constant (and very last minute) changes of the itinerary. He put in effort to make our tour a memorable one and he has succeeded.

I would recommend him to my friends who want quality and custom-made travel experiences.

Thebes Lo
May 2016

Lovely trip! Very enjoyable.

Best tour guide I have had.

Alex Ip
May 2016


This Japan trip was one of my most interesting trips. Sean brought me to experience different aspects of the Japanese culture and some not-so-mainstream tourist attractions. He is well-versed in Japanese culture and history. His knowledge of the country helps tremendously in our trip. He arranged various interesting accommodations that offered an all-round experience of Japan. I would love to go on another trip to Japan with him! Thank you for everything!

Tan Kian Hoe
April 2016

We really enjoyed this trip, especially my parents. Hotaru was patient and quick to accommodate to the requests and changes (in plans) that we made along the way. It was great that I could leave everything to her and just enjoy the trip. Will definitely recommend her services.

Remy Lim
March 2016


The Christmas illuminations were very pretty!! Thank you Sean for showing us all the best spots during the holiday season.

December 2015

Having been to Japan three times already, we thought it was time to be more adventurous and travel away from the usual big cities. We got Japan Road Trips to help us plan a 10 day itinerary and it was great. Going on a road trip as Hotaru suggested was the best thing that happened. We were able to experience so much more of Japan than we had over previous trips. For example, the hot springs at Shika Onsen were excellent but I would never have thought about going there without guidance. Thank you Hotaru, I'll see you in Japan next June.

Julius Tan
December 2015


Signing up for this service was a good decision. Was able to catch some breath-taking autumn views and try many authentic Japanese cuisine. Appreciated the cultural performances that were made better with the explanations.

Jamie Chua
November 2015

Sean san knows more places in Japan than most Japanese do! You can't go wrong travelling with him. He is a great photographer too. Thank you Sean san for the wonderful pictures that you took for us!

Yui Matsumoto
June 2015

One of our best travel experiences ever.

My wife and I had been planning to go to Japan on a self-drive trip. Travelling with Sean was a breeze. He knew places well and was able to explain to us the history and background of these places. He also brought us to eat local famous food. A year has passed and I still remember the Matsusaka beef we ate during the trip.

We went to exotic places which tour groups did not provide for, e.g. Naruto city - we visited Otsuka Museum and saw the Naruto Whirlpools. These are places most tour groups do not cater for and we loved these places.

We stayed in a good variety of hotels, including an interesting temple stay at Koyasan and tried all the different types of onsens (beach onsen, open air onsen, world's smallest onsen).

It was overall an enjoyable and informative road trip.

Jeremy and Fangxuan
November 2014

We usually stick to tour groups organized by travel agencies, but after this we find that we prefer this way of travel much better. We have the freedom of setting off when we want to, choosing where we wish to go to, eating at whichever restaurant we like, and in general just having the flexibility and privacy.

October 2014


Thank you, Sean san, for taking us around these two days. It was great talking to you about Japan. Please talk with me English again sometime, and please look for me when you come with people to Kyushu. Thank you for taking excellent photographs for us.

Ryo Toda
May 2014

From start to end the service was professional and immaculate. Sean was warm, attentive, knowledgeable and accommodating. His knowledge about the Japanese culture and his mastery of the language is impressive for a native English speaker from Singapore. The communication was great and the effort put into details was greatly appreciated; for example, a wifi hot spot was brought along so that we could have internet access on the go.

Our preferences conveyed prior to the trip were well noted and we were taken to some spectacular scenic places that were not found in guidebooks. The barbecue by the river was unexpected and unconventional but my family had an absolutely great time. My children are still talking about the sparkles and the fireworks - they seemed to gravitate to him. It is amazing how much information Sean has about cherry blossoms.

On the final day at the airport, Sean presented us with an album of photographs that documented our trip together. Your excellent pictures will be well cherished!

Thank you and keep up the good work.

Sam Hummels
April 2014

Those were some of the most memorable summer nights in my life! Thank you for introducing me to city-hopping for fireworks and they were spectacular!! Not to mention all the delicious cuisine and wonderful company. Enjoyed all the cosplay and hands-on activities. The shopping locations were great too!

August 2013

Cool dude, let's go surfin' again

July 2013

Sean is knowledgeable about the Japanese culture and places of attractions. What we found impressive is his knowledge about the history and festivals of Japan.

Sean planned the itinerary for us. We went from the bustling city to the scenic countryside. We were blown away by the interesting and different modes of transportation to Kurobe Dam. We loved the experience of staying in an UNESCO heritage village. This can only be booked by Japanese speakers. We liked the unique experience of watching the cormorants fish and being part of the ritual before the fishing, as well as being up close with the squirrels in Gifu.

Sean's service is professional and exceptional. We can rely on him for an enjoyable and safe holiday. He is good with children and flexible with the schedule. We definitely recommend his services when holidaying in Japan.

Pamela Khoo
June 2013

It is certainly more enjoyable travelling with someone who speaks the Japanese language. Sean showed us some lovely places that were not found in guidebooks and told us stories about the places that we visited. We appreciated his hospitality, attentiveness, knowledge, and most of all his patience and flexibility. He also had a calming presence when my friend fell ill. It was amusing how people passing by were all asking Sean to take photographs for them. Traveling on a roadtrip with Sean is definitely better than having to wait for public transport whereby you are at the mercy of train and bus timings.

Rosa Decruz
May 2013