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Welcome Note

   Hi, I am the lead tour co-ordinator here at Japan Road Trips, Sean. After graduating with a major in Japanese Studies from the National University of Singapore, I moved to Japan, first as an English teacher, next as a travel writer, and then as a travel planner, co-ordinator and conductor.

   As an avid traveller and student of the Japanese culture, I have been across all 47 prefectures of Japan on numerous occasions, and I would be delighted to take you on a journey to explore in-depth the country's various delights.

   Japan is a fascinating place with lots to offer: from ancient temples to modern skyscrapers with futuristic architecture, from high-paced and vibrant cities to rustic countrysides and scenic landscapes. Here, there are endless means and opportunities to satisfy tourists with different inclinations. If you would like a seasoned insider to help you enjoy a truly authentic experience here in Japan, my team and I are at your service.

   So feel free to connect with us to discuss how we could embark on an adventure together. Looking forward to create the fondest of memories with you here in Japan!